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Initiative Description

Over 2014-17, the Windsor Armouries is becoming part of the new home of the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts and the former Greyhound Bus Depot a part of the University's downtown campus. To celebrate the important community legacy of these public spaces, the IN/TERMINUS Creative Research Collective is launching the Armouries RE:Collect project to collect images and stories about the history of the Armouries Building and Greyhound Bus Depot. We seek contributions from community members of photographs and personal memories of events or activities that took place at either venue, from their opening up to the recent closure in preparation for construction.
The photographs, audio, and video recordings will comprise the basis of an electronic archive, to be made publicly accessible as a website. From this archive we will select photographs highlighting a variety of events that took place in and around the buildings. These images will be reproduced, enlarged, and mounted on aluminum street signs within the vicinity of the new School of Creative Arts and throughout the downtown's cultural corridors. Additionally an exhibition of these photographs will take place in 2017 when the new premises open. We welcome a range of contributions, from casual, personal snapshots to officially staged portraits.

We are inviting the general public to contribute by:    >  Uploading your photograph(s) below.
If you do not wish to use this electronic feature, we will be having public events over the spring, summer and fall 2014 - 2017 the public will have opportunity to have your photograph(s) scanned, or share your memory, story or experience in an audio or video recording.

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    Please scan your photograph(s) at 150dpi (either tiff or jpg files are accepted).  Largest side of photograph to be no more than 1920 pixels.  Save as a tiff or jpeg file acceptable.
    Please name your digital file with your first name and last initial (ex. JaneD.tiff or JaneD.jpg).

    Submit one photograph per session.  This web link can be used mulitple times for multiple photograph submissions.


    I have permission to offer this photograph(s) for use and to the best of my knowledge I have the reproduction rights for this photograph.

    I agree my participation is voluntary and I freely offer this photograph(s) for public exhibition on http://uwindsor.ca/interminus.

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